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Hey guys ! It's been a while, but since Japan Expo and my Hercules costume i don't have anything to show you !

But I've just opened an Etsy store, where i'm selling many costumes Check it out ! :)(If you're interested by one which is not in my store or wig please PM me !)…
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Hey there :)

As the title of my Journal said, i'm actually selling a bunch of costume on my Facebook page, like my Howl costume, Roxas, Ittoki, Chocola and many more :)…

Here's the link if you'd like to purchase one ^^

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Hellow guyyys !

Japan Expo is now, in less than 15 days, just wanna share with you some progress, and ask you, who will be there at least? Which costumes? :D

Kind of rose done with silk paiting :

 photo READYFORANTOHERPAINTING_zps4e8c2f79.jpg

 photo WP_002253_zps6290b06c.jpg

Embroidery for the "pants"á :

 photo WP_002311_zps121580bd.jpg

And a test with the glasses :3 :

 photo WP_002254_zps88fc18f6.jpg

Some of you guessed which character is it? =3 I hope that I will be able to finish everything in time !

See you soon <3
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Japan Expo 2013 PARIS

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 2, 2013, 11:39 AM

Hey there ! :D

As a lot of people are asking me about Japan Expo, and it looks like many people from others countries are planning costumes for this event, I was wondering who had decided to come this year ? If so, in which costume? :3

As usual, I'll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday !:D

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One week has nearly pasted (omg time goes fastů )since Japan Expo Belgium has taken place !
I left Paris friday morning, very EARLY as usualů To go to Bruxells, here :iconpichu-no-sekai:, her brother and :icon alarzy: were waiting for me in order to go to the con :).
For this day :iconpichu-no-sekai: proposed me a place in the jury for the general cosplay contest. It was the first time that I was judging a contest  :3 and for the occasion I decided to wear Howl from Howl's Moving Castle !


BECosplay organized the contest in such a good way, it was really nice.

The first prize was given to a Alice costume from X Down the whole jury had a crush on it, otherwise all the participants were really nice :3


Take a look on her page :…

When the first day was over, we went to our apartments, a really nice location where we took our pictures of Cendrillon, that was really nice to talk with Belgian people. However, I had to finish my Kaito costume for tomorrow, I wasn't able to enjoy the first part of the evening D:  At 1am when I finished my outfit for Saturday, the party had just begun, and we opened the bottles of peket (a colorful and very good alcohol), it was so yummy and cool o/ We went into our beds around 4am (eyesbags for lifeeee)

Saturday we woke up around 11am, we prepared ourselves for our Cendrillon duet with Pichu, At first we had thought about a performance with a change of costume for Miku, but the Thursday evening, Pichu realized she didn't have enough fabric to finish her white dress, so we had to improve something in the backstage 1 hour before going on stage : D



And here is our skit :…

Finally, people seemed to like, it they were so reactive to our skit, it was unexpected! :O And the most unbelievable thing is that we won a price, we were like: "srsly? O_o" "OMG" XD

Just before going out the con, I met up with GeneX cosplay group :iconkinlyu: :iconzoustache: :iconshamanrenji: :iconstaplesundae: :iconrori-poppu: :iconreiichi5: (i hope i do not forget anyone >8<) They were so awesome cosplaying Yu gi oh characters and so gently !!

Saturday evening we went back in our hotel, to make a little Cendrillon photoshoot, with the awesome location who fits perfectly to the PV O/


Sunday morning we went to JEB with our luggage to watch the ECG Belgium preliminaries, in the queue, we met GeneX cosplay group and watched it together o~

There was not a lot of participants, but there were awesome performances and costumes !

Finally the group which represents the Belgium this year is :iconpaine-angel: and :icondinotiste: with their Gumn group and Idromy's with her queen oddet from Odin Sphere !

After the winners were announced, it was time to go back to take my train, and that was the most awful time of my life. The bus which took us to the subway took a LOT of time to come, and I was pissed off by some injurious people in the subway because of my makeup and my lenses (seriously people FUUU) .... Finally I was in the train station just a few minutes before it gets away.

Photobucket(There were a Ghibli stand at the con, i bought a cute soot spirit <3)

Now, it's the winter break, no conventions until March D:: See you soon !… Here is my Facebook page if you're interested i put even more than on DA about cosplay/wip etc :3
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Heyyy !!

Some days ago, i have been chosen for an interview about cosplay and crossplay, i don't know if some of you are interested but there is the link :…

Hope you're all fine :3  See youuuu ~
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Hello :3

My journal skin is so related to my current mood, i'm so tired since 'i'm back to school ; o ; These last  weeks Harajuku took my entire time and as usual, I have to rush to finish my costumes in time ...

Two week ago , harajuku took place like all years in the Bercy park it's even more a festival than a con', but everyone in Paris love this festival cause of the beautiful location <3

As you could see on my DA, I have worn Terence from the animated movie of Tinkerbell with Shuxx(she doesn't have a DA yet D:) we planned this duet since February and we were waiting for Harajuku to worn them o/

Here are some lovely pics i got <3 :


(WIP the Saturday morning after a long night of rush)



We had a wonderful day,  a lot of little kids recognize our costumes and ask us for a picture it was so cute <3 They ask us why we're not flyng ... AHEM <_<

Saturday i woke up early 'cause we were shooting our howl's moving castle costumes with :icontrustourworldnow: at the famous place Montmartre before going on Harajuku !

We go upstairs a LOT to finally be in  Montmartre ( a lot is a little world ..)


(omg i haven't noticed the face of the men before posting here XD "dafuck is this")


We found some pretty locations these day, more than we have expected ! :D We were so happy :3… <=== Here is a real preview of the shoot of the shoot :icontrustourworldnow: took.


I don't know if some of you are almost reading my journal, but i'm now currently working on the costumes for Japan Expo Belgium, i have planned a Rarity human men version from My little pony and Kaito from the Cendrillon clip.

Here is a WIP of Rarity (you can also watch a wig test with horn and ears on my page…


I hope you're all fine, see you soon with the howls moving castle picture :3(Sorry for my bad english as usual D:)
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It's been a while since my last diary update. Today I'm posting because I want to inform you I have joined Fabebook with a Cosplay page :D

I will put on my work in progresss and some pictures of my old costumes I haven't updated on DeviantArt. I hope you'll appreciate.

See you :3…
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2 weeks ago took place in Bruxelles "Made in Asia", one of the biggest convention in Belgium !

I went to this convention for the second time and, as always I felt pleased about this con, the were a lot of stands and activities. ALSO THERE WAS A DISTENTIBLE CASTLE AT THE CON and of course cosplay competition and Belgium eurocosplay preselection !

Saturday I left Paris at 7am (the night was reallllly short : D) and i joined :iconmuralu: to go to MIA, for this day i was wearing a chilhood cosplay dream : Peter Pan /o/

1334172566-534987_3234492174304_1026670569_32339169_1286480147_n.jpg - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

1334172601-549893_10150652769363506_159655038505_9455155_1275846945_n.jpg - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

Sunday i had a bad surprise. When i woke up, i had an allergic reaction because of my peter pan tights T_T It was very bad because i was wearing my Kuranosuke outfit where you can see my legs.

I can't tell you how excited i was to do this group, because i'm a hugeeeeee fan of this manga! Eri, Soph and Rebecca joined us for a kuragehime photoshoot and a videoshoot.

1334172639-20120401-123725_mg_7186.jpg - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

1334172693-IMG_1496.jpg - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

At least even if i love this ouftift, wearing it was a pain with my allergic reaction and the high heels so i changed into civil clothes for the end of the day.

1334172731-WP_000030.jpg - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

Some purikura i have made with :iconshadow-of-shana: and :iconmahocosplay: <3…

And here is the awesome cosplayvideo of :iconalarzy: i am featured in Kuranosuke and Peter pan :3


Hope you are all fine, i'm gonna be back soon with some cosplaywip for the next convention in Paris : Epitanime at the end of May : D (Sorry for the Kuragehime spam XD)
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Some news

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2012, 12:58 PM
Hello :D

It has been a while since I haven't given news. My computer left me, and  here in France nothing happened during January. To be honnest, that's good because, for two weeks now it's been very cold here, we have reached the -15 degrees D;

Last week took place the first French convention of the year, "Paris Manga". It's one of the most visited conventions in France but far from being one of the best, in fact it may be one of the worst.
For the convention :iconmuralu: decided to come from Belgium to Paris (she didn't believe us when we told her this was one of the worst con ever XD) and planned for the Sunday a Sugar Sugar Rune photoshoot in a studio with the photograph :iconcooladn:. The shooting was very cool, I can't wait to see the result and share it with you :3

Otherwise I am working on my Peter costume from the Disney movie Peter Pan which I have planned to do with :icontrustourworldnow: for some pictures  and for MIA4 Brussels at the end of March. Here is a small preview, with a light which really sucks, of my wig and my ears :

375388_3050275778837_1321507167_3242216_1291268374_n.jpg- upload images with NoelShack

I hope everything is good on your side and I hope to come back soon with some new pictures and progress I will be able to show you :D



As usual sorry for my english i hope everything is understable >_<

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­It's been a long time that i know I should write a journal, so I  finished  my homework for today, nothing to do, so time to write my first entry e_e.

This summer goes so fast, i went to Fecamp(a litlle convention in Normandie) i wore my unfinished costume of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II with :iconmuralu: as Kairi, the convention was not the best ever, but i had the pleasure to meet some new people, who are really nice :) After CartoonBeach i went to :iconmuralu: house in Belgium for a week, it was really great i enjoyed my trip so much(belgium food *---*).

September is never a great month go to school, bad weather ew... GIMME BACK MY SUMMER. But at the start of September i can wore  my new cosplay of Kenshin at Harajuku Festival with :icontrustourworldnow: we had a great time and shoot with :iconbouilloncube: and it was so good to see some cosplay friends after summer vacations "_".

At least(haha i know my life is not interesting) i'm working on my cosplays for Japan Expo Belgium so hard, i'm going to crossplay again with the costume of Chocola Meilleure from Sugar Sugar Rune with :iconmuralu: as Vanilla Mieux with "fluffy" versions XD. The other day I have my Ion Fortuna cosplay planned i try to do my best with this thores design are very hard >_<

I hope guys you are fine! And thank you all for the favs and the watch <33 <3 <3

See you at Japan Expo Belgium(if i'm not dead yet : D)

(Sorry for my poor english.)
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